Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Friends, library and magazines

We have spent a few hours at a friend's house today, catching up with some of Harry's friends who go to school, as it's half term here. The four children of Harry's age were all boys and they spent lots of time creating rescue scenarios with an array of emergency vehicles and lots of siren noises! 

Before we went Harry wrote a nice note to post to his Great Grandma, asking if she enjoyed her birthday. We also went to library to return our books and we read several while we were there.

We called into the supermarket on the way home and Harry and Peter both chose some fish for their tea and a magazine. We did the magazine activities at home and Peter managed some lines with a pen. Harry made an effort to read the instructions himself, which I was pleased about.

Harry read to us at bedtime and did really well with some difficult words, including through, rattling, reversing and surprise. He is getting better at attempting longer words now rather than just huffing immediately and saying he can't do it.

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