Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Board games and superhero football

I am pleased that the boys have rediscovered a love of board games this week. They go through phases of activities and we haven't been playing games recently. Today we have played Crazy Chefs and Insey Winsey Spider by Orchard Toys. Peter won both and gave a very impressive bow - I think he has learned from Harry's music bows. I like these games as we can play them together and we all have an equal chance of winning so it is enjoyable for all ages. Harry and I played Trilemma, a maths based board game, while Peter was in the bath and again when he had gone to bed.

Harry has been doing maths on the iPad this week using the Mr Thorne Maths Universe app and some Conquer Maths lessons on shape and parallel lines. He has also been playing cello every day as lessons start again on Saturday after the Easter break.

It was really sunny today so we went to the park for an hour. Harry and Peter wore their superhero costumes and we played football, which was really fun. 

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