Friday, 4 April 2014

Town trip and Discovery Museum

We had a morning in town today as we had a few jobs to do. The boys both did some Reading Eggs and maths based on our Jack and the Beanstalk theme before we set off. Harry was pleased with his flashing new trainers we bought and we had a good visit to the City library. One of the staff let us in the returns room where a conveyer belt brings the books from the automatic return machine and drops them into trolleys. This was the highlight of the morning as Harry and Peter always watch the books go down the conveyer belt when we return them. What a great way to engage children in a library too!

Harry chose some non-fiction books relating to deadly creatures as he has been watching the Deadly Pole to Pole series on CBBC and a map book after receiving our bear adventure map yesterday.

We then went to the Discovery Museum to return our Ancient Egypt object loan box. The boys were desperate to go in, although we were all a bit tired by then. They played in Play Tyne, which they always love! The museum is free but started charging £1 per child for this area last year after lots of council funding cuts. I still think it is great value as my children often spend 45 minutes playing here and enjoy the rest of the museum too.

They worked as a team to do some cargo handling in the Story of the Tyne exhibition.

And explored propellers.

We had an exciting delivery at home from The Book People. Peter looked through all of the Dr Seuss books while I made tea and Harry took himself straight off upstairs with a Roald Dahl CD from the audiobook set. We read The Cat in the Hat and There's a Wocket in my Pocket at bedtime. I think these books will be very popular and I will probably use them for reading practise for Harry and eventually Peter too.

Harry had his enjoy a ball class at the end of the day. All the children were quite tired as it's the last class before the Easter break and I think they are all feeling in need of a rest. We don't really stop our normal home ed activities for school holidays unless we have plans, but it's nice for Harry to have a break from his classes and to do some special holiday activities too.

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