Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Visit to Mount Grace Priory

We visited Mount Grace Priory today with friends. Harry was pleased about the 100 mile round trip as he got to listen to lots of his new Roald Dahl CD's and the day wore Peter out so he had a nap on the way home. 

The priory is the best preserved Carthusian priory in Britain and the layout was very similar to the typical plan shown on the Wikipedia page. There were some great areas to explore - lots of arches and beautiful garden areas. We talked this morning before setting off about what monks and monasteries were in medieval times.

One of our friends who has visited before and has an interest in historical architecture kindly showed everyone the main areas and described some of the history. We started at the main door, with the date of building inscribed.

The tower of the church is in the background.

The children were all sprinting off here to find the water spring, which still has running water. There was a very well preserved monk's cell too, with toilet, herb garden and attic room containing weaving equipment.

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