Thursday, 24 April 2014

Learning letters and salt tray

Peter did some alphabet activities this morning using this nice printed alphabet from Activity Village, whilst Harry completed some Conquer Maths lessons. I also prepared a salt tray for him to practise forming letters. This was just tin foil in a roasting tray covered with a thin layer of salt. The tin foil shows up when he draws in the salt so it looks nice. He loved 'writing' the letters himself and was really excited to see it looked like the real thing! I gave him the letter cards to guide him and showed him the formation of the letter in the salt first.

I also gave him three cards and asked him to find a letter from the choice of three.

I set all the cards out in the hall and asked him to collect the ones he knows. He enjoyed this too and I have found that any activities that get the boys moving are usually popular. He knew more than I expected - 16 - so I will start to focus some activities on the letters he doesn't know yet.

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