Thursday, 3 April 2014

World geography, baking and bubbles

We have been busy finishing our Ancient Egypt activities this week and have also started a Jack and the Beanstalk theme but we have managed to fit in some other things. The boys have been feeding the sourdough starter we made last week with more water and flour and we baked a chocolate cake. We will bake some sourdough bread soon.

Outdoor play has mainly taken place in the garden. They both love bubble blowing at the moment! We also played with friends after French at the park.

We received an adventure world map through the post. Harry and Peter love bear yo-yo dried fruit snacks and this was free by sending off 10 barcodes. The bear goes around the world in 80 days and there are 80 country cards to collect in the packs with interesting facts about the country. The map shows his journey starting in England and we have flag stickers to add for each country. We have all really enjoyed collecting and reading the cards - we have around 40 now.

Harry has been reading his new Justice League reading books and both boys have done some Reading Eggs. We also finished reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and have started The Twits, which we borrowed from the library on our last visit. Peter loves this book at the moment, which has really good traditional stories, although the title annoys me. I read Aladdin and Jack and the Beanstalk from here to Peter and a friend, who is a girl, on Tuesday and they enjoyed it equally! 

I have been following an iPad app to learn some very basic scales on the new piano and I love it! Harry has played his cello a couple of times too. There are no lessons until after Easter now so he will be practising playing harmonics and maintaining good bow hold. He received a report at the end of term which said he is a pleasure to teach, so that made us all very proud! 

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