Sunday, 6 April 2014

Trip to Centre for Life

We all went to the Centre for Life in Newcastle today. We don't often go to indoor attractions at the weekend and prefer being outside but Harry and Peter were really keen to go and we have a busy few weeks coming up so this was the only chance. There is a new exhibition called Brick City, featuring famous landmarks made from Lego. Some were really amazing - this was Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Mona Lisa. The boys were interested in this area but not for very long as nothing is for touching!

Harry is just tall enough for the 4D motion ride so he went on this with Stuart and loved it (Stuart less so!). It changes regularly and currently features a train ride along the Amazon river, including getting wet!

Harry and Peter also took part in The Big Drop activity. The challenge is to build something that will float, fly or tumble from a tray of scrap materials. The creations are then pulled high up in a box and let out to test their effectiveness. They both really enjoyed this.

We all went into the planetarium to see a show called Naughty Monsters in the Sky. This answers questions for young children such as where do rainbows come from, why do we have night and day and why does the shape of the moon seem to change?

There was a new live Science Theatre show based on sound but the times didn't fit in today so we will try to see this on our next visit.

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