Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Cello, allotment and soft play

Harry has been doing some great cello playing recently. He is working on this page of his book, which uses open string and two harmonic finger positions. He finds it challenging but has definitely improved and gets a great sense of achievement when he plays the whole line without any mistakes. 

We went to a large soft play centre yesterday with our NCT friends, who are now on school holidays. The boys had a great time and our friends came back to our house afterwards, so it was a noisy afternoon with 6 extra children! 

We have been at the allotment this morning and I am getting quite excited about all the planting. We put in our first peas and broad beans and carried on weeding the border ready for some flowers. We planted four trays of flower seeds when we got home, ready for putting out for the summer. A neighbour at the allotment, who is moving to a smaller plot, gave us some blackcurrant and raspberry bushes too, so we now have a well stocked fruit area. Hopefully the birds won't be too interested in it!

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