Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Allotment, Lego and summer reading challenge

We have done a little bit of follow-up beach science today but Peter had a very grumpy morning and had to go back to bed for a nap so most of the morning did not go as planned! We will continue tomorrow. Harry kept himself busy while I negotiated with Peter with the two Lego activities below. He is self-motivated generally in his free time and doesn't struggle to find activities he wants to do.

He enjoyed making some stop-motion animation Lego videos this morning using a Lego video app. He hasn't done this before and needs a bit of practise getting clear shots but he is getting better. 

He has also spent a lot of time today building a high-security prison with attached office and barbecue area! 

We went to the library after lunch and Harry signed up for the summer reading challenge. He chose his first two books today and needs to read six over the school summer holidays. We would probably do this anyway but the challenge element gives him something extra to work towards. 

We also visited the allotment to water our plants in the greenhouse. We have some good looking green tomatoes. 

We harvested Beetroot, which looks great and we are having for dinner tonight. 

And also courgettes and the first onions, which Harry laid out to dry.

We brought home a pot full of peas too which Peter snacked on later whilst Harry podded broad beans; this has always been one of his favourite kitchen jobs. These are from our veg box, not the allotment. Ours are just starting to grow pods.

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