Thursday, 31 July 2014

Speech therapy and climbing wall

Harry had his first speech therapy assessment yesterday. He has always been good at expressing his ideas clearly and has a great vocabulary range but there are a few sounds he has never mastered (ones needing a circular mouth shape, like 'ch', 'sh' and 'j'). It is something I always thought he would grow out of, so I have never made an issue of it, but Harry has started to notice that other children sometimes can't understand him and he was keen to go to the speech therapist when we discussed it. It was a very child-friendly assessment - the therapist asked Harry to describe some pictures while I talked to her assistant and Peter played with the toys on the floor. They agreed with the speech issues I had raised when I referred him and we are now waiting for a place in a play-based group where they use games and activities to improve pronunciation. I actually think Harry has improved over the past few months so it may be that not much more is needed.

Harry and Peter went to a kids coached session at a local climbing wall today. The sessions always run at the weekend and Harry has been before but there are extra summer holiday weekday ones on too at the moment. Peter was good at the actual climbing but found it very tiring and gave up before the end. It was an hour, which a long session for him at the moment - I think it might suit him better in six months or so when he is 4.

The older children warmed up in the children's area before moving onto the adult wall and trying some of the easier routes. Harry worked hard and was really worn out! I have booked him another session in a couple of weeks.

At home, we are all really enjoying The Hobbit and have read over one third now. We made another visit to the library this morning too, while we waited for Stuart to have a dental appointment. I found some great poetry and geography books I will be looking through for activity ideas.

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