Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Gibside visit

After a day inside yesterday we were pleased to be out in the sunshine again today at Gibside. I love that place; there are so many areas to explore and we never tire of the amazing open scenery. The boys have used lots of energy! My legs were feeling a bit stiff from a run last night so the walking was good for me too.

The adventure play area is great and has some challenging equipment but it was very hot with no shade so we headed into the woods.

The low ropes challenge is a real challenge. Harry can do a couple of sections and Peter enjoyed the net. He fell onto his face while hanging from a rope though (trying to copy Harry's acrobatics) and now has an attractive scrape right down his nose! 

They played in the river for quite a while. Peter fell (as expected!) a couple of times but I had anticipated this and brought spare clothes. I love watching them potter around with the sound of the water in the background; maybe I should take the picnic rug next time! 

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