Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wetland Centre, eye test and Beavers

It's been a busy few days; it feels later than Tuesday!

Harry had his first eye test at the weekend. He really enjoyed it; he must have been the most excited customer of the day! He doesn't have any problems but there is lots of short-sight in the family so there is a high chance he will need glasses at some point. 

He spent Sunday with his Beaver group at an outdoor activity centre. They had a great time and did orienteering, assault courses and dry-slope sledging. He went to sleep very quickly!

It was the last Beavers meeting of the term yesterday too and they had fun party games followed by a party tea. Harry made traffic light jellies to take for the party.

We met friends at the Washington Wetland Centre yesterday too. It was very hot and I think Harry was still tired from Sunday so he was a bit bad-tempered all day! They both fed some ducks and geese from their hands.

And we always enjoy seeing the flamingos.

We are still reading The Borrowers aloud at home and the boys have been out in the garden with lots of water. 

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