Thursday, 17 July 2014

Games, reading and bike practise

We have stayed around home today as I have felt a bit weary the last couple of days and we didn't have the car anyway. We completed most of our beach follow up activities and did a couple of sections of half-year quiz. Last year we did a quiz at the end of the year based on the topics we had covered but I felt that a year was too long to review all at once. Harry really enjoyed the quiz and asked for another one so I reviewed my blog and we have covered maths, science and spelling today. We will be doing history, geography, English and art too this week. 

We have played several of our Orchard Toys games today: Pirate Ludo, Crazy Chefs and our newest one, Les Courses a Faire. This is a French language version of Shopping List and I really like it! Harry was trying to read the words on his list and Peter made great efforts at saying his words. 

Peter has also been out practising on Harry's old first bike! He is really fast on his balance bike but I want him to learn to pedal so he can use a proper bike next year when he is too big for the balance bike. He was really proud of himself as he made it half way down the street and back.

I have been reading The Borrowers aloud today and also most of this library book, which both boys love. They really enjoy traditional stories, which is why, I guess, such stories endure for generations! 

Harry read his first Summer Reading Challenge book, which had a serious message that the habitats of animals are being destroyed and people must care and act together to save them. He read quickly and fluently and was really pleased that he didn't need any help with the first page.

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