Sunday, 27 July 2014

Family visit, beach and new book

We had a super visit to Harrogate on Thursday and Friday last week to see my family. The boys loved the paddling pool in the park, which was there when I was a child! We also visited my gran and the boys took their scrapbooks to show her, with tickets and certificates from the past year. Harry got to ride in my mums car with no roof; a highlight for him! 

On Saturday we stayed around home and had a good tidy up in the front and back gardens. Harry and Peter occupied themselves with all the toys out of the garage while Stuart and I sorted it out.

Harry has been busy building Lego creations and more loom bands. He had made special ones to give my mum and sister on our visit.

Stuart took the boys to the beach yesterday while I went into Newcastle. A very large list has been building up for a while and I was starting to feel a bit stressed about it so I crossed some things off today. It is very hard to get jobs done in town with Harry and Peter so I sometimes need a few hours on my own.

They arrived at the end of a sandcastle competition and loved seeing some great creations! 

Harry gave me some of his money to buy a Lego Joker he had seen and I bought a copy of The Hobbit, as we agreed this would be the next book for me to read aloud. They both love it; I am so pleased as I really wanted to read it and I must admit that a bit of persuasion on my part went on! I read it with Harry and Peter in bed last night as I thought Peter might fall asleep but he was wide awake, joining in with the dwarves song and wanting to know about the dragon when we finished reading. I shall have to start earlier tonight as it was a rather late bedtime and the ironing was still calling me!

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