Thursday, 10 July 2014

Borrowers house and messy garden play

We have had a day at home today and, as usual, have kept busy! We have done two Fantastic Mr Fox activities, which is a book theme we are working on this week and will hopefully finish tomorrow. 

Peter is enjoying jigsaws at the moment and did a 60 piece one almost alone. He also built and played with a road jigsaw.

Harry was busy upstairs making a shoebox house for his own 'Borrowers'. I am still reading The Borrowers aloud and we are all enjoying it. He gave them a rug, tea cups and Lego cushions and decorated another shoebox room with playing cards and installed a Lego light. He was really proud of his house and I think we may see more 'borrowed' additions to it.

We played Alphabet Lotto several times.

Harry has been listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and listened for well over an hour today. He gets into some very twisted positions listening to audiobooks! Peter and I listened to most of Fantastic Mr Fox after lunch.

It was really warm today and the boys have been in and out of the garden all day. I gave them a tray of messy play ingredients while I made tea to add to the pots of water they already had. I find this a great way to use up out-of-date cupboard packets or ones with tiny amounts left in. They were busy for an hour making potions and made lots of foaming pots using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 

They also played with bubbles and balls in the garden and had a good run around. 

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