Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Reading Challenge library event

It's been a lovely day filled with lots of reading today. I am trialling a new start to our day, for days when we don't have to be out for something. I am closing the playroom door first thing and we are going straight upstairs after breakfast, where Harry and I will both read and the boys will get dressed. This morning he started his second Summer Reading Challenge book from the library and I read a chapter of The Hobbit, as well as a couple of books Peter chose. This was really nice and we all enjoyed it. I am sure they won't always want to do this but I think it is a good way for us to start the majority of our mornings at the moment. I will be reading more actively with Peter now he knows the alphabet, by pointing out letters and words and Harry will become quicker and more fluent if he reads in the morning and evening.

We also went to the City Library today to take part in some Summer Reading Challenge crafts. We went on the bus as the boys love it and it actually stops opposite the library so it's easier than driving and parking.

We read several books before the session and borrowed a few to bring home, although I can't carry as many on the bus as in the car. I may need a granny-trolley in years to come! 

Harry and Peter coloured some of the themed mythical characters and decorated a board game which they played together and we brought home. They both enjoyed this session and Peter lasted 45 minutes of the hour, which is good for him. He said his dragon colouring was Smaug from The Hobbit!

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