Friday, 31 January 2014

A trophy and haircuts

Harry won the trophy at his enjoy-a-ball class today. Each week, one child wins a trophy for good trying and listening. Harry was very proud. Stuart was going out after work tonight with friends so we called him using FaceTime so Harry could show him the trophy. He has gone to bed with it tonight!

Both boys also had haircuts today. Peter has needed one for a while and looks very smart now. 

Harry did his difficult spellings this morning and practised his cello before we went out. They also both helped me to tidy the house as Stuart's sister is visiting tomorrow. Harry vacuumed the hall and Peter helped me to put clean clothes away. I think that even very small children can help around the house and both of mine actually love having jobs to do. 

Harry has been reading one of the stage 9 Oxford Reading Tree books we borrowed from the library, Survival Adventure. He has done really well. There is a lot of text so we have been taking turns to read a page but he hasn't struggled with many words. 

We had French class with our home education friends yesterday, after having a FaceTime call with my sister. The children each had a Brussels sprout and we sang a song planting the little cabbage with various parts of the body and putting it on, under, in front and behind things. They also practised saying 'I am eating....' and 'I am drinking....'. It was very cold but we enjoyed the fresh air in the playground afterwards and the children all had rosy cheeks!

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