Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Happy Birthday Peter

It was Peter's third birthday today. These three years have gone so fast and Peter is such a little boy now - hardly any hints of baby about him! His personality is quite different to Harry and they do have a fraught relationship sometimes but Harry has made a big effort today to make his birthday special and they have had lots of giggles together and some cuddles! 

We had a really nice, relaxed day designed around him. He opened his present this morning and we went to town on the bus to choose some new books with his birthday money. He loves bus trips and I rarely use the buggy now so it's less walking for him when we go to the City Centre as the bus goes right into the shopping area.

We visited a cafe, where I read one of the books to them and they looked through the others while I drank my coffee.

When we got home, Harry followed some of the pages of the book alongside his electronics kit and was really pleased to make a rain sensor that sounded an alarm when the sensor got wet. He also made a circuit that sounded a police siren with a flashing light when switched on. Peter did some of the sticker pages in his Octonauts magazine. They both chose these activities independently and it was really nice to sit down for an hour together.

Stuart came home from work after lunch and we spoke to Harry and Peter's Nanna and Great Nanna on the phone before going swimming. We all had a great time and came home very tired and hungry for a phone call with my mum, pizza for tea and a second birthday cake for Peter! I think he has had a lovely day! 

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