Monday, 20 January 2014

Timeline volcanoes, podcasts and park

We were busy this morning preparing our contributions for our group session tomorrow. We discussed the group story again and added some descriptive parts to the ideas Harry already told me last week. I will write this up tonight ready to share tomorrow then another family will take it home to continue. We will also each be taking some historical events to add to a group timeline. Harry wanted to look at volcanic eruptions so we chose a very famous ancient one - the eruption of Vesuvius that buried Pompeii and the largest modern one - the eruption of Tambora in Indonesia. 

The boys made volcano pictures from felt then we added the details. We found the information online and in a good book we have at home which has lots of world facts. We also ended up reading about other World Heritage Sites as Harry was interested to know some more. While they made the volcanoes we listened to the first Wind in the Willows podcast episode from BBC learning - it was a nice version read by Bernard Cribbins and Harry loved it so we will definitely be listening to the rest. There are also some teacher notes available on the website, so I am going to have a look to see if there is anything we might use.

Peter wanted to play a podcast too so we listened to Let's Move, a BBC schools episode about Jack Frost. There was lots of imaginative dancing through snowy trees, sliding on ice and making ice patterns with our bodies and we all did this together. I am really enjoying the BBC podcasts and they are a great way to involve Peter and Harry in something together and get them moving, listening and thinking.

The build-a-bears made yesterday have been very popular friends today, especially with Harry. We walked to our local playground and they came along too and the boys had great fun pushing them in the swings and playing hide and seek with them.

Harry has painted the box his came in too. Peter did start but didn't last long! 

Harry has also completed a Reading Eggs lesson today and read to me from books. He had his second week of Beavers tonight and has come home very happy again. They planted cress seeds to bring home and take back in two weeks to compare to everyone else's. This is the first activity towards a science badge and Harry will be delighted when he earns his first badge! 

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