Saturday, 4 January 2014

Riding bikes and relaxing

We split up this morning to take advantage of a fairly dry and mild morning. Stuart and Harry went for a bike ride and ended up at the allotment to check nothing has been damaged in the wind. They brought back some huge parsnips so I may make some soup later. I took Peter to the local playground on his bike. We were the only ones there - he had a great time and was pushed for a long time in the swing before cold fingers got the better of him (he did wear gloves most of the time but not in this photo!) and we came home for hot chocolate and stories.

Peter had a nap after this as he has needed a catch up of sleep all week. Harry and I went to the supermarket for our shopping. He was very pleased to be able to push the trolley as Peter wasn't with us and he was really helpful.

Stuart, Harry and Peter are now watching Toy Story together, one of the films I recorded over Christmas. The boys don't often want to watch films but we like to cuddle up with them when they do. I plan to go into town to do a couple of jobs. We are all feeling sad that Stuart's time off work is coming to an end so we will enjoy these last two days before normal routine begins again on Monday.

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