Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Muddy park and Lego play

We started today by doing some more of the James and The Giant Peach activities we are working through this week. I wanted to start early as we had arranged to meet friends at the park at 10am and it was nice to have already done some work by then. Despite the availability of lots of play equipment, all the boys chose instead to congregate by and in a huge muddy puddle! They were covered and I have had to wash coats and the inside liner of boots as well as clothes! Mud and water must be some of the favourite things of small boys though, so they enjoyed it and I got to chat while they were busy. 

After warming up with hot chocolate at home, Harry and Peter played with Lego for an hour. Harry was playing mines using Lego lights and small bright bells as jewels and Peter built a garden for animals.

They then had baths as we don't have time for bedtime baths on a Tuesday due to Harry's gymnastics class. A wash in the sink is usually enough but the mud monsters needed more today!

Harry played his cello before we went out to his first New Year gymnastics class. He is really enjoying cello at the moment and he played some of his own music as well as following the book. I asked him to play some sad sounding music and some excited sounding music and he did this very well. He looking forward to classes starting again on Saturday.

Harry read to us again at bedtime. It has been a full and busy day and I feel more tired than after our quite relaxing day at home yesterday. Must aim for an early night! 

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