Sunday, 19 January 2014

Playdough, build-a-bear and reading

The end of the week has flown by! We went to the library and have done lots of reading of our new books. Harry was inspired to make some playdough cakes after reading Small Knight and George and the Royal Chocolate Cake. 

Harry has done some great reading in the last few days too. He read several pages of the Usborne Beginners Solar System book and was really proud of himself. 

Harry and I had a lovely trip out together to town after music class yesterday, where we bought new trousers for him and a birthday present for Peter. We also had a good look at Lego and a cafe visit.

My mum and sister visited today as it is Peter's birthday this week. They brought early presents and helium balloons, which the boys both love! We had an early birthday cake too, with candles and sparklers. Harry and Peter also had another treat today - a trip to build-a-bear where they designed their own stuffed toys. They have seen friends with these recently (thanks Fay :-)) and wanted to make their own. We now have a fireman dog on roller skates and a Spider-Man bear on roller skates as part of the family! They have both gone to bed with their new toys tonight (minus roller skates). 

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  1. OH Hayley those Build a Bears are hilarious! They look like the kind of things that should come alive at midnight. sounds like you've had a good weekend!